Analyst: iPhone 5C Won’t Have Siri

iPhone 5C rumored shot

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster released some research notes yesterday predicting some possible features of upcoming iPhones.

He believes that the iPhone 5C, or whatever Apple calls the lower-cost iPhone, will lack Siri. That doesn’t ring as very accurate to us, but we’ll probably see next month. We just aren’t counting on this.

Munster says that the low-cost handset will sell for $300 without a contract.

Furthermore, he believes that the iPhone 5S will use the rumored fingerprint sensor only as a means of unlocking the device (rather than having to enter a lock screen passcode.) It won’t be used for anything such as secure mobile transactions, etc.

Strangely, he believes that Apple will continue to manufacture the iPhone 5. While that’s a possibility, it makes us wonder why Apple would keep it around when there is an iPhone 5S and the plastic iPhone (if real) is the low-cost option that the iPhone 5 would have been.

[via MacRumors]


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