Apple Applies for Patent on New Hinge Design — Could Mean Thinner MacBooks

hinge design patent

Apple has applied for a patent. This one is for a new hinge design that could actually lead to a thinner MacBook for the computer maker. Hinges are one of the few things holding makers back from thinner laptops.

Apple’s new method would mean some flexible segments that can fold or interlock with each other. If done correctly, Apple’s claim is that this could reduce the thickness of the next MacBook or MacBook Air.

It’s actually an interesting concept, but it would be neat to see how Apple makes it lock in its place properly as it almost reminds us of the spine of a book.

Of course it’s just now a patent application. Apple may or may not use it. Perhaps someone is testing it out right now. It would be cool to see thinner Macbook Airs.

[via ExtremeTech]

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