Apple is a Major Target for Patent Trolls


Well, that’s one way to measure success. Apple is a prime target for patent trolls, according to  PatentFreedom.

Since 2009 and June of 2013, Apple has had 171 cases filed against it. This is ahead of HP (137) Samsung (133) and AT&T (127).

Patent trolls, or as PatentFreedom so-kindly puts it, “non-practicing entity” (NPE) is one that does not make use of its patents, but gains most of its revenue through patent infringement cases. Usually, companies choose to settle rather than go through the legal junk, which is a win for the patent troll.

It seems that the patent system has become the exact opposite of what it was intended to be. Rather than protecting ideas to encourage invention, it makes inventors afraid to make anything that carries out a function for fear of being sued by someone who’s been sitting on an idea for years.

[via MacRumors]

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