Apple Patent Allows for Police to Switch off iPhone Camera and Wifi

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This little story is getting some major circulation. It’s about an Apple patent that would allow law enforcement to switch off iPhones’ connectivity if things become a bit disorderly. This would prevent videos and tweets from coming through. That’s terrifying. Unless you read the actual patent.

First off, it’s really just a patent. It’s most likely that we will never see it in real life. Apple probably just wanted to secure another patent. That said, the police example is only one scenario that gets a quick mention. It’s not really the intent of the patent. The real idea is more for businesses. Think movie theaters that ask users to turn off their ringers. This would ensure that there are no disruptions during the movie.

Again, let’s stress that this is just a patent. Many of these never become a reality. Trust us, we’ve seen A LOT of patents and patent applications working for iSmashPhone.

[USPTO via VeteransToday]


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