Apple Redesigns Education Site

Apple Education site

Apple has redesigned it’s education site. The update shows children using iOS devices and Macs in educational environments.

There is also a section that explains how teachers can use apps for lesson planning. There is also a section on special education, which highlights the accessibility options in Macs and iOS devices.

Technology is definitely important in the classroom. However, students must be taught how to properly use the tools they are offered. In other words, you can’t just hand an iPad to a student and hope they start reading their educational material. They’d just end up browsing the internet or checking Facebook.

Here’s what Apple says about education on its page:

We believe that technology has the power to transform the classroom. It can pave new ways of thinking. New ways of sparking ideas. Yet the foundation never changes: A dedication to learning that’s always been part of our DNA. We’ve been proud to work alongside educators and students to reinvent what it means to teach and learn. And together we’re going things we never thought possible.

[via CultofMac]

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