Ashton Kutcher Takes to Quora to Explain How he Prepared for Jobs Role

Ashton Kutcher as Steve jobs

Ashton Kutcher, if you didn’t already know, is playing Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie. However, if you’re here, you probably follow Apple news, and you probably already knew that. But do you know how he prepared for the role? We don’t, but he took to Quora to answer all that.

Kutcher says he watched videos, documentaries, YouTube videos and listened to audio files of the late Apple CEO and co-founder. He looked for all the little nuances of his behavior, “the walk, the fact that he has an almost imperceptible lisp, his accent that was a combination of northern California and Wisconsin.” All those little things, Kutcher paid close attention to.

You can check it out here.

[via TUAW]

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