ASpotter’s Accessories of the Week


Our friends at Accessory Spotter ( have  put together another list of cool accessories. This time it’s waterproof cases, a stylus, an accessory for Apple’s EarPods and a little robot that taps your screen for app testing. The last one is pretty cool.

Just read on.

Pyle Waterproof SurfSound-Play Case


Waterproof cases are everywhere these days. Here’s another one. We are always weary of anything that claims to be waterproof. We like to say it’s probably water resistant. It’s the kind of thing you could take to the pool and not worry about unless it falls into the water. Link


Stylus Pro

bambo stylus

Need a stylus? Is it just us, or does this one remind us of a cigarette? It kind of does. It’s made of bamboo, so that’s always cool. Link


OHM SprngClip for EarPods


Some people don’t care for the fit of Apple’s EarPods. That’s why OHM sells the SprngClip. We haven’t had problems with the EarPods ourselves. They are worlds better than the ones that used to ship with Apple devices. They don’t hurt when you wear them for more than 10 minutes, which is always a bonus. That said, some people say they fall out too easily. That’s why this helps prevent. Link




This is a cool tool for developers. It uses a stylus to tap across iOS apps for testing. It’s about $1,000, but those who don’t want to buy it can use a 3D printer to make one for themselves. Link

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