GameStop Temporarily Lists iPhone 5S on Trade-in Page

gamestop iPHone 5S


(Image Credit: TUAW)

These GameStop folks love taking their trade-ins.Used games are a huge money-maker for the retailer, so it’s no surprise that GameStop wants to take trade-ins on just about anything gaming-related. That includes iOS devices. Even those that don’t really exist yet, like the iPhone 5S.

Apple offers trade-ins on existing handsets, but the iPhone 5S is only a rumor at this point. Sure, we know it’s about 99 percent real at this point, but it’s funny that GameStop would run with it. It’s likely that someone in charge of the website’s listings added the handset in preparation for the announcement. However, it was quickly removed.  Maybe Apple wasn’t happy with it.

[via TUAW]

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