Genius: Vanity Fair iPhone App Sorts Articles by Reading Time

vanity fair app iPhone

This needs to happen more. One thing about reading on the go is that you often only have enough time to skim through an article or read something shorter. Vanity Fair’s iPhone app can sort articles by reading time.

Most of us are busy people. We want to be able to read something quickly, and move along with our day. At the end of the night, we may be okay with reading something a little longer. We just wish more magazines, newspapers and publications would give us this option as many times my choices are based on reading times. If I see the article is too long, I may wait until I know I have some free time to read it. If I see it’s just a page or so, I will read it quickly while having my lunch or during any other activity.

Let’s hope this becomes more of a regular thing, because I’m not a Vanity Fair reader.

[via MacLife]

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