Here Are the Front and Rear of an iPad 5 Put together to Form a Shell

iPad 5 casing

So this is what happens when you take leaked iPad 5 parts and put them together to form the outer shell of the tablet. It looks pretty much like what we’ve all been expecting for the past several months.

The thinner side-bezel, the reshaped back. The thinner tablet overall. It’s all there.

iPad 5 casing 2

In truth, there is nothing about this tablet that we don’t already see as far as appearance goes. We probably won’t be very surprised when it’s unveiled. Let’s just hope that Apple still has some sort of surprises when it debuts. That said, the company isn’t oblivious to the leaks. Last year when Apple introduced the new Mac mini at the iPad mini event, he said “You knew there’d be something called mini at this event. Didn’t you?” It got a few laughs.

[via 9to5Mac]

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