Idiot Steals iPhone: Victim Gives Him a Blog

iPhone theif

Here’s a great little story for the middle of the week. Some jerk named Hafid figured it was okay to steal an iPhone from a woman while she was vacationing in Spain. Not only is he a jerk. He’s stupid, too. He didn’t wipe the iPhone or do anything of the sort.

Right now, he’s taking pictures of himself doing all kinds of things in Dubai, where he lives. As it turns out, her Dropbox auto upload was still on. He keeps taking pictures of himself and they forward to her Dropbox.

Now she’s launched a Tumblr blog highlighting the adventures of the iPhone thief. Sadly, she hasn’t received her device yet, but there are plenty of pictures and she know knows where he is. Thanks for the laughs, Hafid

[LifeofAStrangerWhoStolemyPhone via TUAW]

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