iPad 5 Rear Panel: Is This the Real Thing?


iPAd 5_back panel_rumor

Reportedly, this is an iPad 5 rear panel. It’s not clear if it is, but it’s just a small, simple component.

Honestly, it looks pretty much like we’d expect it to. The iPad 5 is reportedly thinner than current-gen iPads. It also has a smaller bezel, like the iPad mini. The body itself should be slightly smaller than current iPads, but the screen will remain the same size.

iPAd 5_back panel_rumor-2

While the length of 240mm remains identical to that of the current iPad, the width is a bit different. Rather than 185mm, like the iPad 4, this one is 168mm wide.

Perhaps we will see more as leaks happen.

[FanaticFone via CultofMac]

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