iPhone 5S May Have a Dual-LED Flash

iPhone dual LED flash rumor

The latest iPhone 5S rumor claims that the handset will have a dual-LED flash. Currently, the flash only has one LED light. If you’re like us, you hate it, and would rather just turn it off. Perhaps an extra light can make things a bit better.

This is also a good way to differentiate the handset from the iPhone 5 and possibly the lower-cost iPhone. Furthermore, it makes for a brighter flashlight, which the iPhone is finally getting with iOS 7.

If the image above is indeed an iPhone 5S part, we will likely see it soon. Perhaps later this year. Right now, the rumor is that Apple will announce the next generation of iPhones on September 10. That’s less than a month from now. If true, we will probably see an invitation for the event about a week or so before that, with an iPhone a week or two later.

[via Unwiredview]

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