iPhone 6 Concept That Should Never Happen

iphone wrapasround screen

We don’t know why anyone would need this. Sure, it’s just a concept someone made for fun, but it doesn’t seem the least bit practical.

The screen wraps completely around the handset, which as far as we know is physically impossible. Even if it were to happen, we don’t see how there wouldn’t be a million cracked screens out there. We’ve already said that an edge-to-edge display would likely present more problems than it does solutions: 1) manufacturing, 2) cases would almost always cover a portion of the screen unless leaving it completely exposed. 3) it would lead to lots of accidental input when you just ever-so-slightly touch the corner with your finger or thumb.

It’s hard to say what would happen with something like this if anyone ever decided to go with a design like this one.

[via KnowYourMobile]

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