KeyMe: This App Stores Digital Copies of Your Keys


KeyMe is an app for iOS that stores digital copies of your keys for safe keeping. The idea is that if you lose or misplace your keys, you actually have everything you need to have a duplicate made.

Through the app, you can order one immediately. Let’s just hope you didn’t lock your iPad or iPhone in the house. Some of the reviews seem poor, but it seems interesting to try out (of course before you actually need it.)

Here’s the description:

Never get locked out again. KeyMe is a simple and secure way to store, copy, and share your keys.

Store Keys In The Cloud: Take a picture of your keys on your phone and create a digital version of your physical keychain. Access them from anywhere.

No More Lockouts: If you ever get locked out, a locksmith can make your key from scratch by viewing instructions we display on your phone. No more paying $200+ for a lockout.

Mail Order a Copy: Order copies on your phone and we’ll send you brand new keys in the mail. Choose from a huge selection of key designs…including our very own bottle-opening key!

Share Keys With Friends and Family: Share a digital copy of your key instantly. The recipient can get a physical copy made through our mail order service, at one of our kiosks, or at a regular locksmith.

That’s pretty cool. We don’t know how well it actually works, though.



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