Lodsys Will Dismiss Patent Case Against TMSOFT for a Donation to a Charity


Lodsys, the patent troll that’s been obtaining licensees left and right over the past two years has agreed to drop a lawsuit against TMSOFT under some unusual-sounding terms.

The terms are as follows:

The dismissal is with prejudice which means they can never sue my company again for infringing its patents. I did not have to pay any money to Lodsys or sign a license agreement. I also did not sign a confidentially agreement so I’m free to talk about this matter.

So what did I have to agree to?

1. Never to sue Lodsys over its patents (I otherwise would have the right to ask a court to rule their patents invalid if I wanted)

2. Dismiss all motions with prejudice (we had filed a motion to dismiss that also sought to recover my attorneys fees, costs and expenses)

3. Make a donation to a mutually agreeable charity

That’s interesting. Both parties must mutually agree on a charity to donate to.

[via MacRumors]

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