MixBit: YouTube Founders Show off Their Answer to Vine and Instagram


MixBit is a new app developed by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the founders of YouTube. It’s something like Vine and Instagram video: you record short bits of video and post them. The difference here is that you can do 16 second clips, and put together up to 256 for a full hour-long video. It also offers video editing.

After recording all these clips, you edit them together to create a full-length video to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or the MixBit site. Most interesting, as CultofAndroid points out, you can edit videos even after they are uploaded, even from the browser.

This is pretty cool, and it probably has its market. However, Vine is still a favorite for us, because it’s more spontaneous, and you have limited space to work with. This may become another fun one for us, while we are not very interested in Instagram. But this app goes in its own direction completely.





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