More iPhone 5S Rumors: Gold Handset, Sapphire Home Button

iPhone 5_white_black

It’s time for more iPhone 5S rumors. These are again a bit strange, but not totally impossible.

First one comes from Japanese site Macotakara by way of CNET:

1) The iPhone 5S will also come in gold. Gold sounds like a strange color. Currently the iPhone comes in Black and White, as it always has. Gold sounds like a bit of a stretch. We aren’t buying this rumor, but we will see.

2) Apple is also rumored to be working on a fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 5S. Again, a tough rumor to believe, but we’ve been hearing it over and over again. This will mean a sapphire home button that will be concave instead of convex.

We’ll just wait to see what’s real.


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