New iPhone to Ship in September

iPhone 5_white_black

According to the Wall Street Journal, so you may as well call this confirmed, Apple has asked it’s suppliers to ship new iPhone models in early September. This includes both high-end and low-end models (i.e. iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C).

The report claims that production began back in June. Everything we’ve heard so far also seems to be true. The next iPhone 5 will come in both ‘C’ and ‘S’ models. The C will be lower-cost, come in multiple colors and have a plastic casing. The iPhone 5S will add a gold handset to the lineup. The gold version will also come in a 128GB model, according to rumors, but it’s not clear yet if that capacity will be across the board for the iPhone 5S. If so, maybe we can expect future iPhones to begin at 32GB and up from there.

[Via The Next Web]


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