Nintendo Announces the 2DS — Cheaper Handheld

2DS image

We don’t often cover devices outside of iOS or mobile, but the 2DS is a popular handheld gaming platform that often competes with the likes of the iPhone and iPod touch for the mobile gaming space.

Today, Nintendo announced the 2DS. This is basically the 3DS it released about two years ago, but without the 3D effect. That’s fine, most friends I have turn off the 3DS. It’s also a flat, slate-like design that’s somewhat wedge-shaped.

Nintendo did this to cut the cost of the system down to $130. It’s entirely possible that Nintendo did this in hopes of competing with Apple’s iOS devices, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Interestingly, this handheld does not fold with the clamshell design that previous Nintendo DS models have featured. Let’s see how well it competes with Apple’s devices.

[via GamesBeat]

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