Report: Apple Files Patent Application for Away Statuses on iPhone

phone status calls

Apple wants to patent an idea for the iPhone that would work something like instant messaging apps. For instance, you can set the handset to say that you are unavailable at the moment, which would be good for driving or meetings. This would mean that when friends call you at those moments, your phone doesn’t ring, chime or vibrate and they are notified that you are busy.

This way, when someone tries to call you, they will learn that your handset is not in use right now. They can then decide to text you whatever they had to say or just call back later.

It’s a cool idea, and we’d love to have something of the sort paired with an auto-reponse for those times we are driving and we keep receiving text messages. A message telling them we are driving and will get back to them later would be nice.

[via AppleInsider]

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