Report: Apple Updating App Store Ranking Algorithms


According to a recent report, Apple is updating the App Store ranking algorithms. The company is testing things out in order to improve the way top apps are ranked. Perhaps this can keep some bad developers from cheating the system by using auto-download services and tools.

This one is based on data from Fiksu, which follows App Store ratings and it seems that Apple may now take user rankings into account, and Apple is also making some changes in how often Apple updates the top-seller list.

According to website TUAW, the App Store used to update top downloads every 15 minutes. Now it’s three hours. This may help kill some of those download bot exploits. Rather than an app sneaking up to the top through a bunch of false downloads that happen all at once, the App Store will draw data over the course of those three hours. This will help keep those apps from working their way up through cheap methods.


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