Report: Apple’s Board of Directors Feels That Tim Cook isn’t Innovating Fast Enough

Tim Cook_Time Person of the Year runner-up

Apple seems to be doing okay, but some people are concerned that the company can’t be what it once was. A report is circulating claiming that Apple’s board of directors doesn’t think that Tim Cook is innovating fast enough.

That said, the report claims that Cook’s job is not on the line. He will likely be at Apple for a very long time. However, some seem to think that Apple with no Steve Jobs is in trouble. It’s only been a few years since the iPad first debuted in 2010. Before that, we saw the iPhone in 2008. The iPod released in 2001, seven years before the iPhone. In other words, there were several significant gabs between major Apple devices. Nobody complained back then.

Things should be fine. We’re willing to bet that if there had been a way to cover up Steve Jobs’ death, people would think Apple was still doing great.

[via CultofMac]

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