Report: Confusing Numbers About Roku and Apple TV

Apple TV

Parks Associates surveyed several households throughout the U.S.

Of 10,000 homes surveyed, they found that 37 percent of users of streaming set-top boxes use Roku. Meanwhile, 24 percent are using Apple TV. That’s quite a difference. However, TUAW also points out a recent report from Frost & Sullivan that claims that 56 percent of streaming devices sold in the US are Apple’s box. The Roku was down at 21.5 percent of the streaming set-top box device share.

That’s  pretty interesting, and it makes no sense. Why is this? We don’t know. Website TUAW just says conflicting data like this should serve as something of a warning as to why we should take any such information with a grain of salt. Apple TV does sell a lot, but it’s not clear where this discrepancy lies.


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