Report: iPhone 5C Could Bring Huge Sales to China

iPhone 5C rumored shot

According to a Mogan Stanley analyst team led by Katy Huberty, Apple’s low-cost iPhone, the iPhone 5C, could bring a huge sales boost to the brand in China.

In the report, they say that “Apple could significantly disrupt the Chinese smartphone market by launching iPhone 5C.” This came when they conducted a survey asking respondents which handset they would purchase over the next 12 months.

“The survey indicates that Apple could gain 13 points of unit share with iPhone 5C,” says the report (via MacRumors)

It seems that a desirable price-point for the handset is about RMB 4000, or roughly $486, says the report. That’s lower than the price Morgan Stanley estimated the handset would retail for. It’s also noted that many users would be okay with a 3G device, since 4G networks aren’t yet widely available in China.

It will be interesting to see what Apple reveals on September 10.

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