Report: Next iPad Using Thinner Touch Panel Technology

iPad mini in hand


The next iPad may look a bit more like a larger iPad mini with a thinner bezel.

According to a report, the next iPad will use the same touch panel technology as the iPad mini. This means a thinner tablet.

We already expected such, but this just lends more credibility to previous rumors. It’s reportedly a film-based touch panel, it’s thinner and lighter than the glass-based one in the iPad 4.

Here’s a portion of the Wall Street Journal report:

For device makers, the option of using a film-based touch panel is becoming more attractive than before, as the film material has largely overcome previous technical disadvantages against glass, and it has advantages in terms of thickness and weight, said DisplaySearch analyst Shoko Oi. Because Apple is the world’s largest vendor of tablet computers, what technologies it uses to produce iPads could have a significant impact on component suppliers. More demand for film-based touch panels is good news for manufacturers of PET films that are used to produce such panels.

The iPad 5 is likely to be thinner and lighter than the current-gen iPad. It’s going to look a lot like the iPad mini in regards to the back plate and the thinner side bezel. This also means better continuity between Apple devices and their appearance.

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