Rumor: iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Won’t Look All That Different From Current Home Button

iPhone 5_white_black

This helps lend some credibility to the fingerprint sensor rumors, which are seeming more true by the day. One report mentions that it will be embedded in the Home Button, and won’t look all that different from the current Home Button.

It’s also said that it’s been difficult to find hard evidence of the fingerprint sensor, because it’s being tested in separate devices, and not in any of the early prototypes. This may explain why we haven’t heard more about it, or seen definitive proof of such a feature.

That said, it’s reported that the iPhone 5S will probably look no different from the iPhone 5 to someone who doesn’t know what minor changes to look for. Those who keep up with the iPhone news and updates should be able to spot those minor differences.

[via 9to5Mac]

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