Rumor: iPhone 5S May Be 64-Bit

iPhone 5_white_black

This is strictly rumor for now, and we don’t know enough about the inner-workings of the smartphone or chip architectures to make an educated assessment of the rumor.

Still, it’s circulating, so we should share it with our readers. If a Tweet from Fox News reporter Clayton Morris is accurate, the A7 processor in the iPhone 5S should be “very fast.” Thanks to a 64-bit upgrade.

However, it’s worth approaching this one with some skepticism. It would “require overhauling iOS with 64-bit support,” says John Brownlee of CultofMac. “We should see hints about it in the code for the iOS 7 beta, but so far, nothing…”

For now, just shrug it off, but know that such a rumor exists. Perhaps we will hear more before the September 10 conference.

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