Supposedly, This is the iPad 5 Front Panel

iPAd 5 panel rumor

This is reportedly the iPad 5 front panel. It looks an awful lot like that of the iPad mini. It’s supposed to. The only problem is that without anything to compare it to, it’s hard to tell the size. The size relative to the Home button is a good indicator (as is the camera hole). Still, it’s nice to have a device like the iPhone or current-gen iPad next to it to tell the size a bit better.

We hope to hear an official announcement in the very near future. Perhaps around September or October. That’s usually when Apple comes around with fall iOS device announcements. As we’ve already heard time and time again, this one has a smaller side bezel. Its screen is the same size as the current iPad, but the tablet will be smaller overall.

All rumors are consistent so far.

[via CultofMac]


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