Apple Adds Designed for iOS 7 Section to App Store

Made for iOS 7

If you’ve already downloaded iOS 7, you’re probably interested in seeing what apps have been optimized for the new operating system. Well, Apple has you covered.

The iPhone and iPad maker has added a featured section that highlights apps designed for iOS 7. It’s a list of top apps that are iOS 7-ready.

It’s good news for developers when they jump on early and redesign their apps for Apple’s new operating system. Sure, it may be a pain for them, but the trade-off is that they get to be featured on the App Store, which helps them out immensely. It also brings in potential users who would have otherwise been turned-off by the app’s lack of iOS 7-ness. Really, when apps go too long without being updated for iOS, it makes it seem like the developers don’t care to keep things going.

You can head over to the App Store on your device to check it out.

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