Awesome Lightning Cable for Your iPhone or iPad (Kickstarter)

woven cable

This is a Lightning cable that needs to become a reality. It’s called the Juices+. It’s woven, and the ends are made of aluminum. Much more durable than the ones Apple ships with the iPhone.

Aslo cool is that it’s designed to be tangle-free. Anyone who’s had to wrestle a lightning cable out of a bag knows what this is like.

This explains some of the coolness of woven cables:

Flexible Tangle Free Woven Cable

  • Much stronger, yet more flexible than standard cables.

  • The woven style is Tangle Free by Design.

  • Inner steel wire mesh shielding.

  • Simply looks and feels a thousand times better!

Awesome. We hate tangles, and we don’t know about you, but some of our iOS device cables start separating at the end through wear and tear. Some just last forever, and others kind of start wearing down after about a year.

[Via Kickstarter]

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