Calypso Case Introduces Two New Cases for the Gold iPhone 5S

calypso cases gold

Calypso has introduced two new cases for the gold iPhone 5S.

The cases are a gold color, so they match the iPhone 5S.

The first is the Calypso Cabrio Cyprus Affair, and the other is the Calypso Loop Kansas Gardens.

Here are some descriptions from the site.

Cyprus Affair:

Our open air metallic design lifts your gold reserves into the sky. A premium gold colour leather with a shining metallic surface. Followed by detailed golden colour stitching. Your notorious partner in a moment of glory. Wear it right and win the night.

Kanas Gardens:

Expand your audience. Stand in the spotlight. Endless fields of this extravagant metallic gold leather will draw you into a new dimension. Accompany your swagger with an outstanding one of a kind CalypsoCase.

You can check them out below:



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