Chinese Marketing Pages for iPhone 5S Mention Fingerprint Sensor

iPhone 5S

It will all be official in less than 24-hours, but for now, we have to go with leaks and rumors. If this is accurate, the iPhone 5S will have that long-rumored fingerprint sensor.

There’s not much new here. The advertising shows that the iPhone 5S has a dual-core A7 processor in it. The camera is an 8mp F2.0 aperture with a dual LED flash. It also records film at 120fps at 1080p. The front camera is 1.2mp.

Also mentioned it the fingerprint sensor we’ve heard so much about.

The screen is the same, and the handset looks almost identical with the exception of the new flash. We don’t know what the Home Button will look like with the addition of the fingerprint sensor, but we don’t imagine it will be horribly different since the Home Button is almost a trademark part of every iOS device.

[via Electronista]

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