Convert Value Pack by Seido [Review]

convert value pack

This is a case with an accompanying holster. It’s great if you need a way to protect your iPhone while ensuring it’s on your person and not filling up pocket space. You know, in case you wear hipster skinny jeans or something.

The holster has a felt lining that protects your screen and keeps it from being exposed to the outside. When used with the Surface case it means protection for all sides of your iPhone.

Holster-style cases aren’t for everyone, but those who use them prefer the convenience of having their handset within easy reach and not having to search through a bag, pocket or purse to find it.

The Convert is designed for use as two cases in one. One is thinner, and designed for regular use. The other is designed as a protector for rougher conditions and outdoor activities. The way it works is that the case is divided into four layers: an inner-case, a thicker rubber case, outer plastic shell, and a holster. You can also add a screen protector, if you are a fan of those.

One of the cool features that sometimes gets overlooked with holsters is the lock switch. This ensures that your iPhone doesn’t fall out of your holster and become lost.

It’s an ideal case for those who want a good bit of protection and coverage for their handset, but would rather be able to slim it down when they are doing everyday things like going to work.


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