Direct Links to iOS 7 IPSW Files and How to Install iOS 7 With IPSW


iOS 7 is out now. Apple has removed all references to iOS 7 from its development center. It’s time to download the software if you haven’t already. You can download the IPSW directly if you want, or you can simply use one of these methods. Here’s how to install iOS 7 by using the IPSW.

1) First, you will need to download iOS 7. Make sure you download the one that matches your current device:

2) Once you have downloaded your software, go ahead and save it in a folder where you want to keep it. The location is up to you.


3) Now, connect your iOS device to your computer. Select your device in the iTunes menu.


4) While holding the “Shift” (PC) or “Option” (Mac) button click on “Check for update.”


5) You now be prompted to select the IPSW you want to use. Direct it towards the one you downloaded in step one.


6) You will be given a few onscreen instructions. Follow these, and your device will update to iOS 7.



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