Farewell, iPhone 5: The iPhone 5C is the New Budget iPhone

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Say goodbye to the iPhone 5.

Today Apple announced that it’s discontinuing the iPhone 5. In the past the company moves each model down one pricing tier. In other words, last year’s model goes down to $99 with a 2-year contract, and the model from two years ago becomes the free one. Instead of going this route, Apple is choosing a plastic body and new colors for the iPhone. It’s calling it the iPhone 5C, ‘C’ being for colorful–not cheap as many have joked.

This is an interesting new move for Apple. It also gives the impression that there a little more thought out into a new iPhone. Rather than just re-sell the old one as if “Here are the old iPhones nobody bought. We’re trying to get rid of them.” It feels more like, “Here’s a colorful, lower-cost iPhone that screams style.”

Smartphones have become personal accessories that we carry with us daily. They often reflect our personality and sense of style. This is just another way for potential buyers to accessorize when they buy their new iPhone.



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