Hawaiian Airlines Brings iPad Minis Aboard

iPad mini in hand

Hawaiian Airlines is adding iPad Minis to its entertainment choices.

If you fly Hawaiian, you will have the option to rent one upon booking the flight for $15, or rent one on-board for $17. Business-class flyers get it for the awesome price of free.

Most of us carry our iPads on board anyway, and it’s much nicer that way, because your iPad has apps, movies, music and books that interest you. Renting an iPad will only give you what’s available on that unit.

That said, you won’t be completely out of luck. According to the report, they have an “unspecified number of games and over 100 hours of movies and television programs.”

That may be enough for some. Let’s just hope they have Back to the Future and Blade Runner on it.

[via MacLife]

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