How to Install iOS 7 on Your Device

iOS 7 avialble

iOS 7 is available now. With it will come a whole new iOS experience, and new features. Let’s install it. First, we hope you’ve performed a backup of all your stuff. If not, you should. We don’t anticipate anything going wrong, but it’s still a good habit to get into either way.

After you have performed a backup, you will have two ways to update: 1) Through iTunes. 2) Over the air. We prefer over the air, but we will quickly show you both.



1) Plug your device into your computer. (We’re using the iPad in this case, but know that the iPhone uses the exact same process.)

2) Select your iOS device from the iTunes menu.

3) Click ‘Check for updates.’ That said, iTunes will usually tell you when new software is available, and you probably won’t have to go through this process.

iPad_iOS 7 Update

4) iTunes will ask you if you want to just download, or if you want to download and install. Choose download and install if you are ready for iOS 7.

5) iTunes will do its thing. Just stand by for a while.

6) Now you have iOS 7.



Over the Air

1) Go to your Settings.

2) General


3) You will see a screen telling you that it’s available. Just tap ‘Download and Install’

iOS 7 avialble

4) Agree to the terms and conditions if you want the update. The download should take a few minutes.

iOS 7 download progress

5) Your iOS device will restart and install the new software. This will take a few more minutes. Just let it do its thing.

6) Congrats. You now have iOS 7.



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