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iOS 7

When Apple debuted iOS 7 a few months ago during WWDC 2013, we were definitely interested in some of the changes, but there was also a little bit of worry. We’re not against change, but it looked very different, and we worried that some of the changes could be gimmicky. We even heard some Android jokes, and we have to admit that some of it does seem to have a bit of an Android look. That’s not a bad thing, but it definitely baits the anti-iOS friends into cracking some jokes.

We’ve been using iOS 7 for some time now on our iPhone, and we have good things to say about it so far. Many of the features are long overdue, and some of them are just nice additions.

The New Look

How many reviews start like this? The first thing you will notice is the new look. Well, that’s because it looks completely different. In the past, iOS had a look to it. It didn’t change much over the course of three or four years. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can start to look dated in comparison to other operating systems if the look isn’t refined every-so-often. Apple knows that.

Everything is more colorful, much flatter, so there is much less in terms of shading and depth of icons. The only illusion of depth comes from the parallax scrolling, which makes the icons appear to float over the background wallpaper. It’s actually a very good look for iOS.


New Features

Things have been rearranged a bit, and some functions are changed. For instance, you can now swipe from any point on the screen to unlock your device. You don’t have to swipe across the little switch icon, which is no longer there, by the way.

Rather than swiping to the far left of the Home screen you now swipe down from the anywhere around the screen to bring up the spotlight search. This works regardless of what page you’re on.

control center

Also new, and very useful is Control Center. Swipe up from any screen (including the lock screen) and this will bring up options such as AirPlay, iTunes controls, clock, camera, brightness, AirPlane mode, Bluetooth, Flashlight, and Do Not Disturb and a variety of any other controls you may want quick access to. Because of this, you no longer have the option of tapping the Home Button twice from the lock screen to bring up your iTunes control. It will take some getting used to, but you should adjust rather quickly.


Still familiar

Most of the features are where you expect them to be. While there are plenty of changes, it’s not as if iOS will feel totally unfamiliar. Things will still make sense, and most features are where you remember them being. The look may be totally different, but things won’t throw you completely off. Using some apps like Safari may take a bit of a readjustment, but again, it’s nothing that will throw you off too much.


A Welcome Change

iOS 7 is a welcomed update. Things were starting to feel a bit same-y, and at worst, dated.


Here’s how to download and install iOS 7.

You will need iTunes 11.1.

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