iOS 7: What Happened to My iCloud Tabs?

iCloud tabs


Okay. This one was frustrating us for a while, but we figured it out after searching the internet. We also found out how to fix this if the tabs aren’t appearing.

For one reason or another, our iCloud tabs were not syncing on our iPhone. We thought we were missing something, but we figured it out. First off, here’s how to access your iCloud tabs on your iPhone in iOS 7.

1) Open Safari

2) Hit the tab button, which is in the lower-right corner in your browser. It looks like two little squares (below)

iCloud tabs


3) Now, in that view, simply swipe upward to push the tabs up out of the screen. This will bring up a nice list of all your iCloud tabs. It’s not very conveniently-placed, but once you figure it out, it’s not too big of a deal. Let’s hope Apple improves this.

iCloud tabs 2



A Fix

Now, we had a problem that went beyond our inability to find the tabs. We had to search around, and things just didn’t work. Here’s how to fix that.

Go to Settings>iCloud>Safari. By default, this is on, but if you’re having problems. Toggle it off. You will receive a warning. Say “Delete from my iPhone.” After that, Turn it back on, and you be asked if you want to sync the Safari iCloud data. Give it the okay, so that it syncs.

This worked for us, perhaps there was a problem with the syncing, but once we did this, things just kind of started working again. We don’t expect it to be a common problem, but it worked for us.

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