iPad Ballistic Tough Jacket Case [Review]


We took the Ballistic Tough Jacket Case through a bit of testing. We used it for several days with out iPad 2 (which Apple still sells at $399 for those who want a full-sized iPad at a lower cost.)

It’s made up of three layers of protection. The first is silicone. It absorbs shock when the tablet is dropped. The second layer is hard plastic to protect against impact. Then a third layer that also absorbs shock. Needless to say, your iPad is pretty safe from normal drops and use, very ideal for those with younger children.


It’s a very solid case. With two kids around the house, it’s proven to be child-proof if you put the screen protector on it. Luckily, young kids aren’t very tall, so they can’t drop it from very high. Still, it’s reassuring to know that the iPad is well-covered.


We only had one problem. You have a “jacket” that clips on as a screen protector. While it obviously protects the screen, and keeps it very-well covered, it’s more of an attachment. We prefer to have everything in one piece. In other words, maybe have the screen cover part flip back to reveal the screen. However, it does act as a nice stand. Furthermore, the name “jacket” makes sense when you think about the kind of jacket you wear. When you enter the house, you usually remove your jacket. Unless you like being extra warm.

Overall we recommend this case to anyone looking for some extra protection. The front makes it great for packing the iPad in a larger bag or backpack where you risk other objects damaging it. However, you can probably carry it around the house without the front cover with little to no worry.

Check it out here.

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