iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S: Comparing the Rumors to the Reality

iPhone 5C

Now we know what the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S look like. We’ve heard several rumors over the past months, and now it’s time to compare those rumors to the reality.

Let’s take a look.

1) iPhone 5S will also come in gold – True. The rumors nailed this one.


2) iPhone 5S will top out at 128GB – False. The iPhone 5S does not top out at 128GB. Would have been pretty awesome, but oh well.


3) iPhone 5S will have dual-LED flash – It does. It has a “cool white” and a “warm amber.” This helps enhance photos as it adjusts the balance between the two lights to capture skin tones much more accuratley.


4) iPhone 5S will have fingerprint sensor – True. Also, it’s no longer a physical button. It’s capacitive touch. Gone is the little square shape in the Home Button.


5) iPhone 5 will stay on the market in 16GB form – False. The initial rumors were correct. However, more rumors came in claiming that the iPhone 5 would remain on the market. Nope. The iPhone 5C is the new iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S is now the free option.


6) iPhone 5C will come in a variety of colors – True. Five colors: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green.


7) iPhone 5C will be low-cost alternative – True. It’s basically how Apple offering the cheaper model rather than dropping the price of last year’s iPhone with each new iteration. It starts at $99 for a 16GB and $199 for a 32GB.


8) Apple will announce new iPad – False. We didn’t believe this one, but rumors kept circulating.


9) New iPhone will launch September 20 – True. The iPhone 5C will launch on the 20th with pre-orders starting on September 13. The iPhone 5S launches the 20th, but there won’t be a pre-order period. You just go and buy it as fast as you can before the site crashes and you are put on a month-long waiting list.


10) iPhone 5S will record 120fps video – True. This one always seemed pretty believable. The new video feature gives you smoother 120fps video at 1080p. Also cool is that you can use it to view vids in slow motion with much less visible distortion and blur than at 60fps.



Three of the most popular rumors were wrong. Still, not bad.

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