iPhone 5C: Here Are a Handful of Cases for Your New iPhone



The iPhone 5C launches in about a week. Pre-orders start tomorrow. For now, you may want to start looking into a protective case for your new device. There are plenty, but finding one that suits your needs and personality can be a challenge. Apple has some very awesome cases, but you may want something different.

Let’s take a look at a few of the cases that manufacturers are already putting out there. Shall we?

CalypsoCase Endless

calypsoCase Endless

The iPhone 5C is bright and colorful. Why not throw in some more color when you add a case? This is more of a slip case. That means you can’t use the iPhone while it’s protected, but you just slide it out and do whatever you have to do.



Case Scenario’s Crystal Case

Crystal case

These cases are designed to let the color of your iPhone 5C show through. They are clear, so that you can see the original color. After all, why get a colorful phone if you won’t let it show through?



Griffin’s Survivor Clear


Again, a clear case designed to allow your iPhone’s color to show through. This one is designed to offer some heavy duty protection, but it still lets you enjoy the handset’s design.




Surface Combo

Surface case

Personally, we don’t understand why you’d want to get an iPhone 5C in your favorite color then cover it with a case. However, there may be those who do. There is a case for you. It’s the Seidio Surface case.





Here’s another case for your iPhone 5C. It’s another pouch-style case, so you will have to take out your iPhone when you want to use it. It’s very thin leather, so it won’t add bulk to your handset.



There are many more

If you need some iPhone 5C cases, there are always plenty. Even the sites we showed have tons more cases available. Because Apple devices are so popular, case manufacturers know that they have to try to get a jump ahead of the competition. They release lots of cases and accessories in hopes of capturing those early adopters.

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