iPhone 5C: The Things to Know


iPhone 5C

Apple recently announced the iPhone 5C. Now we can get past the rumors and other junk to get straight into what’s real. Let’s take a look at the iPhone 5C.

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1) It’s Plastic

The case is plastic. It’s a hard, lacquered polycarbonate. It’s also reinforced with steel. The steel not only helps make it more durable, it acts as an antenna.


2) It comes in five colors

Part of the reason that the iPhone 5C is made of plastic is because it allows Apple to design bright, vibrant colors that would have been impossible with metal. Plastic makes it possible to add more personality to the handset as typical consumers do tend to care about the color of their electronics, especially something we carry around as much as a smartphone.

The five colors are White, Pinks, Yellow, Blue and Green. You can see them below:

iPhone 5C colors


3) It runs on an A6 chip

It runs on the A6. Actually, the easiest way to put it is that this is an iPhone 5 in a new shell. Rather than just drop the price of the iPhone 5, Apple redesigned the handset. This gives users more options, and makes the lower-cost iPhone seem like less of a throwaway. Rather than see it as last year’s iPhone at a lower cost, users actually want some of these because of the color options.


4) The cases are designed to work with the phone

Apple designed soft, silicone rubber cases for the handset. Rather than just make a case for it, Apple put cutouts in the case design so that the phone’s original color can show through. Below is an example of the green handset with a black case:


Cases come in White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black.


It actually looks cool

The thought of a plastic iPhone may have seemed off-putting to some. It sounded cheap. However, the general response has been better than we thought, even from non-iPhone friends.



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