iPhone 5S: Here Are a Handful of Cases for Your New iPhone

Pink hotline

Apple will release the iPhone 5S next week. You may be eager to pick one up, but you may also want a case. If Apple’s cases aren’t your thing, here are a few third-party cases you may like.


Calypso Ring

calypso Ring

A leather case for your iPhone 5S. You will need to take your iPhone out of the case to use it, but it makes for nice protection when you want to keep your handset in a purse or bag.



Case Scenario Pink Hotline

Pink hotline

This is a cool, bright case with a retro feel. It definitely looks pretty cool. We like that rotary dialer-looking back.




Reveal Case

reveal Case iPhone 5S

This case is clear, so that you can see your iPhone, and in the case of the iPhone 5S, you wan to be able to use the new Home Button, which is no longer actually a button, but uses capacitive touch.



Otterbox Defender



Otterbox makes some tough cases. Luckily, there is now a Defender case that allows you to properly use your iPhone 5S and its fingerprint scanner.



Incipio Code Case 


This is one of the cooler cases we’ve seen for the iPhone. It has a cool silicone core that shows through the back of the case and looks very stylish.



iPhone 5S cases are abundant 

There are tons of iPhone 5S cases, because it’s basically the same body as the iPhone 5. The camera is a bit different, but the cases don’t really affect that. The major component you have to look out for is the fingerprint scanner. You have to find a case that doesn’t obstruct that.


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