iPhone 5S: The Things You Should Know

iPhone 5S

Now that the iPhone 5S announcement is out of the way and the initial hype has settled a bit, let’s try to take a closer look at what’s new with the iPhone 5S.

Please note that this isn’t any sort of definitive guide, it’s meant as a basic feature guide to give you an idea of what is new in the iPhone 5S.

1) Gold is a new color. Black is now more greyish.

Apple has added a Gold iPhone 5S to the mix. It’s definitely not going to be our color choice, but at least it’s not as hideous as we’d imagined before seeing it. Apple has reworked the black handset a bit. Now the front is black as are the plastic components. However, the metal rim and back are now “space grey.” Rather than the graphite color we saw with last year’s iPhone 5, it’s just a grey tone.


2) 64-Bit Chip 

This is touted as the first smartphone in the world with a 64-bit chip. It’s an A7 chip that Apple says is up to 2x faster than the A6. iOS 7 also takes advantage of the 64-bit technology.


3) M7 Coprocessor

Apple calls it “a sidekick to the A7 chip.” Its only job is to measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. This relieves the A7 of those duties, and this chip is more efficient for that specific job. Fitness apps can better track physical activity. Overall, these apps will require less battery power because of this. It also reduces network pinging when your handset isn’t in motion for long periods of time. If you’re driving, it won’t ask you if you want to join a wifi network if you happen to drive by one, because it knows that you’re driving.


4) Improved Camera

There is a lot of new to the camera. It has a larger sensor, larger pixels and a larger aperture. This just means the camera catches more light. Also new is the continuous burst mode. It grabs 10 photos per second. It then analyzes those photos and chooses the best one. At worst, it can let you sort through those photos and keep what you like. The true tone flash consists of two LEDs. One is amber and the other is white. They adjust using “over 1000 unique combinations” to light your image perfectly. The new iPhone also does auto-image stabilization, slow-motion video at 120fps and live video zoom.


5) Fingerprint scanner

One of the biggest of the new features is the fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 5S has a Home Button, but it’s no longer a physical button. Now it’s capacitive touch. It’s no longer concave, and it doesn’t have the little square drawn into it. It’s just a ring on your iPhone. You touch it, and it authenticates, making it secure. It stores multiple fingerprints so that you can allow only certain folks to use it. You just touch your Home Button and it identifies you. This can also authorize purchases on the device. Your fingerprint is stored on your iPhone. Nobody else has access to it–not Apple, not any app makers. It’s on your device and nothing else.


iPhone 5S is a major change in the ‘S’ model

Normally, we don’t anticipate many changes for the ‘S’ models in the iPhone series. However, this adds several new features that make it desirable to a user.

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