Leather Wallet for iPhone 5 and Your Other Belongings (Review)

Finn Wallet

There are a variety of cases for iPhone, and all of them offer some degree of protection. WaterField Designs’ leather Finn wallet is yet another case for your iPhone, but it stores the rest of your wallet’s belongings.

Many of us carry around a wallet in their pocket, it has everything we usually need: cash, drivers license, debit and credit cards and anything else we carry on our person. Most of us also carry around a smartphone. For me, this means two pockets full of stuff, plus my keys. Carrying around an iPhone, a wallet and some keys can be a bit of a pain. Luckily, accessories like this do away with some of that annoyance.

finn wallet outside

Rather than fill your pockets with things, you can drop your iPhone into your wallet and carry it all in one pocket. It’s also designed to that it’s not overly bulky. It can fit your items without becoming a scary mess that so many guys tend to carry around when they throw everything, even their receipts, in their wallets.

Finn wallet inside

At $35, it’s ideal for a wallet. It’s not expensive, and it doubles as an iPhone case. It comes in two sizes, but the size 27 is ideal for an iPhone 5. It still carries cash and your credit cards.

If you’re looking for a new iPhone case, and you want something that will minimize the bulk you carry around, give this one a shot. It’s definitely a cool one.

It’s available at WaterField’s website: Link



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