Meet Oyster: It’s Books on Demand


Oyster is a service that is to books what Netflix is to movies and Spotify is to music. We hate to draw the same comparison everyone else does, but it’s something almost everyone can understand at this point.

Now it’s launching its service for the iPhone. According to Forbes, it offers 100,000 books from a variety of publishers. At $9.95 a month, users can read any book they want.

The app does allow for you to share (or choose not to share) what you’re reading.

For now, it’s only on the iPhone, The iPhone isn’t a bad reading device, but it may feel a bit small for some. It will hit the iPad this fall. At least that will be in time for folks to use it with their iPad 5 or iPad mini 2.

Right now, the app is still on an invite basis, but that should change soon.


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