Miniot Cases for Your iPhone 5S

Miniot Cobra

There are going to be a lot of case manufacturers revealing their cases over the next week. They want new iPhone owners to buy their cases before you buy someone else’s. Hard to blame them.

Anyway, we have a few more cases for you all to check out these are from Miniot.

First, Miniot has a handful of cases such as the Miniot Book. It’s actually a very nice looking wooden case. that acts as a book cover on your handset. It can also double as a stand:

Miniot Book


You can check it out here.



Miniot Cobra

Miniot Cobra


There is also the Miniot Contour for iPhone 5S.


Here’s some info from the press release:

New Miniot grip 
Wood colors for your iPhone 5c. The Miniot grip is an entirely new, shaped around the curves of the iPhone 5c.
We’ll offer it in beautiful wood species matching the new iPhone’s color palette.
The Miniot grip is crafted entirely out of one piece of wood. It grips around the iPhone 5c in a snap.
All buttons, even the silent switch are carved out of a single block of wood.
The case design allows connectors of all sizes.
The warm and natural feeling of wood makes an exciting combination with the iPhone 5c.
Your iPhone 5c deserves wood!
iPhone 5s
Miniot upgraded the iPhone 5 family of cases to merge perfectly with the iPhone 5s.
We further refined the design, fit and finish to meet the highest standards.
Our new Miniot iWood 5s, Miniot book, Miniot contour and Miniot cobra all add class and a touch of nature to your iPhone 5s.
All new models are also compatible with the iPhone 5, and can be delivered within three weeks from now.
No two pieces of wood are alike. This makes every item in the Miniot collection unique. 
You can make it even more personal with your message, art or logo engraved.
Made in Holland
Our complete Miniot collection is made out of real wood, obtained form well managed forests and certified supply.
Just like all of our products, these new models are made from the finest wood species we can find.
Every item is designed and crafted in Schagen, the Netherlands.

You can check them out here.

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