Powerrocks Magicstick USB Charger (Review)


A few months ago at CES Powerrocks introduced the Magicstick. It’s a USB charger that gives you a an extra 2600mAh. It’s enough to get you another full charge for the iPhone and most handsets.

The main reason we like this charger is the size. It’s tiny. It easily fits in a pocket, and is probably about the size of a lipstick tube (that’s the correct term, right?). Also cool about these types of chargers is that they use a standard USB connection. While it’s nice to have something specific to the iPhone if you’re an iPhone user, it’s a bit nicer to have something that’s a bit more universally accessible. After all, we can always carry an extra charge cable, but this ensures that we have a charger that fits multiple devices.

Charging it is just as easy as plugging it into a wall outlet. After that, you are good for another day. Normally, these types of chargers are ideal for day trips. Say you’re going to an amusement park and don’t want to have to stop somewhere to charge your iPhone. You can plug it in and throw it in a purse or backpack for an hour or so while you keep going on with your day.

If you don’t have a case charger, this is a good way to go. There are larger chargers out there that will give you a lot more juice. However, those do cost quite a bit more. The thing about this one is that it’s the ideal balance between size and charge capacity. It’s not a lot of extra weight to carry around, and it will give you a good, full charge if you’re using a smartphone.


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